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Submitted by Timothy Chapman on Monday, Mar 14, 2016

No more psoriasis

Overall Rating

A friend told me about it and said she had been told it helped with psoriasis. I was very skeptical but because it has a guarantee I tried it. Within 3 days I was seeing a difference in my skin. By the end of week 2 I was a happy man. I am so looking forward to being able to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts this summer. Well worth it to me, I will be a life long customer. One thing very worth mentioning is that when you call them you actually get a live person or a return call if you leave a message. That's rare these days.

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Amazing things happen with Drops of Life ND-01

I can't say enough about Drops of Life ND-01. The changes it has made in my fiance and myself have been priceless.

For Me: much more energy and stamina, can focus much better, skin is clear and I even get compliments on my skin all the time now, feel more balanced emotionally and am able to handle the stresses in life much much better, less gray hair, less aches and pains

For Him: much less soreness on a daily basis from his job as a lineman, muscle definition very quickly, faster hair growth even on his head. The biggest change is in now he handles stress and frustrations much much much better. His co-workers have even told me that if we can ever not buy it for him that they would all chip in and make sure he gets it. It is that powerful for him. If you haven't guessed, he has a quick temper and is easily frustrated at work.

We highly recommend Drops of Life ND-01. It has become a family staple in our home. The Drops of Life company also gives excellent customer service.

Submitted by Cynthia And Lee on Monday, Mar 14, 2016