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Local Biz Now

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01/04/2019 07:55 am

Get to know local businesses and non-profits every Friday morning at 8 a.m. with Joe Vagnone. Each week, Joe and a featured co-host talk with leaders from local organizations to learn about their offerings and how they can help listeners with the needs they may have.  Joe goes beyond just promoting the person he is interviewing.  He delves into the details of the products or services they offer. The questions do not simply ask for name, address and product or service description; but are carefully thought out to help bring an informative and interesting show to the listening audience.

Guest 1:  Mr. George Brinzey and Mr. Jason Murphy:  Jason is CEO and is the co-founder of Data Driven Safety

Guest 2:  Ms. Tracy Alston:  Founder of New Mentality - The Ultimate Brain Training Experience

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