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Dreamcatcher Shamanic Journey Make & Take

Dreamcatcher Shamanic Journey Make & Take

Light House Spiritual Center
645 Carpenter Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115, USA

Start Time
02/23/2019 1:00 pm
End Time
02/23/2019 5:00 pm

Join Dammah Debbie Chisholm, Reiki Master, Starseed Shaman, and Light Language Channel, at Light House Spiritual Center for this transformative DREAMCATCHER CREATION SHAMANIC JOURNEY experience!

Love energy work? 

Like the idea of creating something that is imbued with your powerful intentional manifesting energies? 

Drawn to dreamcatchers? 

If you have admired the breath-taking (jumbo) dreamcatcher at Light House, THIS is the workshop for you!

These are not your run-of-the-mill, dime store dreamcatchers!

And this isn't just a craft experience. It's an artful expression created from a spiritual experience guided by Light House's Co-Founder, Debbie Chisholm. 


As a symbol, this dreamcatcher will provide a gateway to connect more deeply with the energies that can support your intentions. Your thoughts create vibrations of attraction and this dreamcatcher, born through your visioning, your prayers, and your intuitive combining of various aspects of vibrational energy medicine (color, wood, metal, stone) will be deliciously juicy, made from the heart and infused with your Light and soul desires. All of your heartfelt intentions will be woven into a creation of beauty that can then be hung in your home, over your bed, or become a sacred object for your altar.


Hour 1: Guided Meditation

This workshop begins with a guided meditation for intention setting – fueled by the heart-light activating energy of Light Language. The high vibrational energies of Light language will help you connect more deeply and clearly with your higher self, helping you release the mind from activity, grounding you in the present moment with your Divine Nature/Highest Self ,and opening up the creative and intuitive channels for your highest expression. 

Hour 2 & 3: Intuitive Creation

Two spacious hours are set aside for you to intuitively create your dreamcatcher with elements that carry different vibrational frequencies. When combined intentionally through prayer, these elements become a unified tool of powerful connection aligned with your intentions and your energetic signature.

Hour 4: Shamanic Journey

After birthing your intentions through this fabulous piece of art, you will then experience a traditional shamanic journey with your dreamcatcher to connect more deeply with this energetic tool for your personal healing and spiritual growth.

All Supplies Included: an endless bounty of colorful yarns and fabrics, beautiful willow hoops, and wire wrapped crystals. 

When: Saturday February 23rd 1-5 pm

Cost: $125

Pre-registration is required.  Register early as there are only 5 spots - Register HERE:

645 Carpenter Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115, USA

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