Posted by Moments by Heather Edmunds Photography on 09/02/2017
Discounted Professional Photo Shoots for Local Heroes!

Discounted Professional Photo Shoots for Local Heroes!

Moments by Heather Edmunds



In honor of my husband joining our local MFD, I wanted to offer my services discounted to local families of heroes. 

If you know a local firefighter, police officer, EMS, military, or teacher please tag them and share! I would be honored to not only meet you, but give you the gift of updating your family photos at a discounted rate. I love our community very much, and those who serve to make it better. Discounts start at $40 off a session and can go up depending on the type of session :) 

Thank you all for what you do, and please contact me with any questions regarding booking! 

From family photos, to celebrations, to professional headshots and more, I've got you covered. ❤️

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