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Novanta 90 Pizzeria: Delicious Lake Norman Eatery Honors Italian Heritage

Novanta 90 Pizzeria: Delicious Lake Norman Eatery Honors Italian Heritage

When you walk through the doors at Novanta 90 Pizzeria in Langtree Lake Norman, you're immediately greeted by the sights and sounds of a modern pizzeria. The wood-fired ovens are blazing, dough is being tossed, pizza is being prepared and there are tables of people- single diners, couples, families and friends sitting at private tables, at the pizza bar and at the community table.  But this is more than another local pizzeria. I sat down with owners Lucia and Vincent Caminiti to get the scoop on why Novanta 90 Pizzeria is truly one of the most unique Italian restaurants in the Charlotte region. Their passion for fresh food with house-made, locally-sourced ingredients comes through immediately. 

Authentic Italian cooking style

Novanta 90 Pizzeria was inspired by the Neapolitan pizzerias the Caminitis visited throughout Italy, as they were doing research to make sure they had the authentic details just right for their Lake Norman eatery, founded in 2015. This husband and wife duo, along with family members Keith and Tara Caminiti, wanted an upscale and authentic Italian experience in Lake Norman that was comfortable for a girl's night out or a family dinner, with lots of fresh ingredients like their housemade mozzarella and ricotta (be sure to ask for a sample when you sit at the pizza bar to see all of the action happening).


The pizzas at Novanta are a true Neapolitan style. To get the details right, Vincent and Keith attended intensive training in New York to become certified by the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani in preparing the unique pizza correctly. This includes using specific flour, a certain kind of tomato, the size of the pizza and the cooking process. You want to get a pizza that bubbles a bit and has some char on it, to truly have an authentic Neapolitan experience.

Neapolitan pizza must be baked for 90 seconds in a wood-fired oven that can reach a heat of 900 degrees. Novanta 90's ovens were built in Naples, Italy by a family with three generations of experience. Each oven weighs nearly 6,000 pounds, so both of Novanta 90’s units were shipped here in pieces and assembled on-site. The ovens are fed with wood and remain fired 24 hours a day to ensure quality in temperature and the end product.

Locally-sourced, fresh ingredients

In addition to the pizza bar, you can watch the housemade mozzarella, ricotta and dough being made in the glass-walled prep room. The cheese and dough are made daily, ensuring a fresh taste that really makes a difference in all the dishes sampled. Some standouts were the Aranici appetizer and the house special, Chicken Parmesan. Vegetables, meat, eggs and even the honey for dressings are locally sourced from farms throughout the area, including Mills Family Farm in Mooresville and the Liberty Tree Farmstead  in Lincolnton.


Upscale, rustic atmosphere


The ambiance of Novanta 90 Pizzeria fits in perfectly with the upscale, friendly Langtree vibe.


Rustic wood tables and industrial-style metal chairs mesh with comfortable pillows and cushions to create a comfortable atmosphere. The wood walls were created from 100-year old planks from a Manhattan warehouse.


Couples can eat privately, but friends can gather at the community tables where strangers become friends, a trademark of true Italian hospitality. Families often enjoy sitting at the pizza bar, watching the spirited and fast-moving pizza and pasta chefs at work.


Grab a drink or espresso at the indoor/outdoor open-air bar - pet owners can even bring their leashed dogs to the patio (and they'll receive a housemade biscuit for their furry friend, of course).  Outdoor dining is also available at numerous tables featuring red umbrellas.


Speaking of the bar, be sure to partake of the prosecco on tap - Novanta 90 Pizzeria is the only restaurant in the area offering it. They also serve housemade sangria, using only high-end Italian wines. If wine isn't your thing, there are also several local craft beers on tap, as well as Italian-inspired cocktails made with local alcohol, like Queen Charlotte.


Catering and private parties


Novanta 90 Pizzeria offers a large private room with a private patio for weddings, showers, corporate or community events. The tastefully decorated room features free wi-fi, a pull-down screen and seating for up to 45 people.  Novanta 90’s highly experienced catering manager can help create a menu ranging from simple and cost-effective to lavish.  


A big part of Novanta 90’s business is in delivering and setting up catered lunches and dinners at clients’ homes or businesses. They have catered events, parties and meetings at many local hotels, businesses and homes. Whether it’s a small lunch meeting for ten, or a party for several hundred guests, they help make meetings, parties and events delicious, and easy for the organizer.  

Seasonally-inspired dishes


When Novanta 90's owners were initially discussing the menu, Vincent wanted to include a sushi item. Lucia, Keith and Tara were skeptical, but once Vincent showed them his idea, they were on board. Sushi Novanta is housemade mozzarella rolled up with prosciutto and other ingredients, and then thinly sliced, like a sushi roll. It’s now one of the most popular items on their menu.


The Specials menu is small and driven by what produce is in season. In August, for example, there were several specials featuring figs, all locally grown on a fig tree the Caminitis have had for years in their backyard. Other special ingredients for the fall include apples, butternut squash, rosemary, spaghetti squash and blood orange.


Make sure to leave room for dessert. The night we dined, we chose a 'deconstructed' cannoli, which is a dip made with housemade ricotta, and baked cannoli 'chips' to dip with. It's fun and shareable and turns the standard cannoli on its head. We also tried a toffee gelato which came with espresso to pour over it and some fresh housemade biscotti (we learned that the biscotti family recipe is more than 40 years old!). We were tempted to try an espresso martini, but that will have to wait for a future trip.


A true family collaboration

The four Caminitis have run Novanta for two years and are making expansion plans for the future. The family has extensive restaurant experience, as they also own and run Brooklyn Boys in Mooresville and Brooklyn South in Cornelius (which just celebrated its 19th year in business).  

Plans for 2018 include a Tour of Italy dinner and a Chef Immersion dinner, where you can learn to cook side-by-side with the chefs in the kitchen - and then sample your results.

Stay tuned for more deliciousness from the minds behind Novanta.


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